Entry #1

1st REAL day on NG!

2011-07-21 22:41:02 by CuriousElement

I joined Newgrounds around 3 weeks ago, but didn't really start utilizing it until late last night. I started uploading art last night/today and had 4 scout requests before I realized I even had an "inbox" haha. ^_^ I'm still trying to figure out some of the ins and outs of the site, but I'm sure I'll get there!!

<3 CuriousElement // Dani

1st REAL day on NG!


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2011-07-21 22:53:40

you're going to ha-love it here.

CuriousElement responds:

Thanks! :) <3 Haha I do so far! It's pretty awesome. ^_^ For the most part everyone's been really nice and watching the flash videos has inspired me to *TRY* to learn a bit of animation...


2011-07-22 03:32:53

any problems or questions, just drop me a PM and il get back to you within the day.
iv been around for a while :D, keep up the good artwork and il try to comment on them all when i get a chance :3

CuriousElement responds:

Awesome! Sounds good. ^_^ Thanks so much! It's really nice to have helpful people around!